Aeromed Africa Conference

Rae and Craig Oranmore Brown recently spent three days in Cape Town attending the Aeromed Africa conference - the first of its kind in Africa. It is a conference of flying doctor services in Africa, attended by all operators who are involved in various aspects of aviation medicine. It was hosted by the South African Red Cross flying doctor service which has both medical outreach programmes and evacuation services, a model which we are mirroring in Zambia.

We have made many useful new contacts and renewed old relationships with the various leaders in the field across East and Southern Africa. Our colleagues in Kenya (AMREF) and South Africa (Red Cross) have advised us very strongly that we have no future without government funding so we will be pushing the agenda of building relationships with the government.

Rae presented the interim results of her study as a poster presentation at the conference.

(Craig Oranmore-Brown)

Visit the Aeromed Africa site for more information.


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